Ham on Rye // BOOKS

Truth is, I haven’t been posting a lot of book recommendations here lately. After reading a couple of books this summer, and mostly after leaving another couple of them half –I do that often! – I decided to post only one that had left me inspired. And there you have it, I came across Ham on Rye, by Charles Bukowski. Continue reading “Ham on Rye // BOOKS”


GOING OUT: Mama Tierra!

The last couple of months there have been some changes in my life, that I think have come to stay. I have proudly turned vegetarian. 😀

With this in mind and moved by the need to know how to balance my new diet, I am on a mission to discover all the vegan/ vegetarian spots my city, Athens, has to offer. Starting last week my exploration I, along with friends, came across mama tierra, a little restaurant in the heart of Athens. Continue reading “GOING OUT: Mama Tierra!”

BOOKS: The “one time is not enough” kind of book!

Do you ever face the same problem? Liking a book so much that you could read it in one day, and at the same time not wanting it to end? I’m pretty sure you do! Continue reading “BOOKS: The “one time is not enough” kind of book!”