Budapest – Vienna – Bratislava overview // TRAVEL

Travelling must have been invented to keep us sane. No matter where you go, how long you’re staying, who you’re going to meet, while travelling your needs go back to basic; “What are we going to eat?”, “Which direction should we go?”. You are living day by day, leaving routine and problems behind.

If this summer you are looking for a trip around Europe, that is easy to plan, has lots to see and experience, yet will not cost you a fortune, continue reading this post. Continue reading “Budapest – Vienna – Bratislava overview // TRAVEL”


JOURNAL: I travel for travel’s sake!

If the circumstances were different, and I wasn’t me, what I did yesterday, wouldn’t have happened. You see, I am now in a town in Croatia called Rijeka, but the way I came here, was a little weird. I was on a strict budget of 170 euros (including my return) and I had to figure out a way to make it.DSCN3926 Continue reading “JOURNAL: I travel for travel’s sake!”