journal: “IF TRAVELLING WAS FREE…”, it is!

There are some kinds of travel that our soul needs, but our pockets can’t afford. I’m not talking about those quick trips to some European capital you picked because the flight fares were low, not minding you’ll have to live on fast food while you’re there. These are the trips you have to make at least once a year, if possible, if you consider yourself even a little bit of a traveler. Continue reading “journal: “IF TRAVELLING WAS FREE…”, it is!”


RECIPE: Smoothie Bowl #2

Not gonna say much. Just try it! Seriously.

I usually go for my favorite nice-cream recipe for day to day breakfast, because I am familiar to its sweet taste and not feeling like changing it. Most of the times I use different toppings and therefore it looks as if it is something different, but  it’s not. (btw, you can visit my instagram page, it is packed with such breakfast photos!) However, some days ago, I woke up to a perfectly riped mango, so making and orange smoothie was an one way road. Continue reading “RECIPE: Smoothie Bowl #2”

DESTINATION: 5 (good) reasons to visit Larnaca.

Let’s say, you are at this point of the year that you are looking of a short (or longer, who am I to tell you should not) pre- summer break. You need an exotic looking getaway, that can be easily accessed by plane, because is it even holidays, if it doesn’t evolve a flight?  Let’s, also, assume you don’t want to spend a fortune, but can not compromise with anything average! Continue reading “DESTINATION: 5 (good) reasons to visit Larnaca.”

RECIPE: Smoothie Bowl #1

I’ll be honest with you. I have been living out of these smoothie bowls for the last couple of days. I has been my breakfast (obviously!), lunch and snack. It is super easy to make, proper tasty (therefore addictive) and a great energy boost to get you going through the day. Continue reading “RECIPE: Smoothie Bowl #1”

GOING OUT: Mama Tierra!

The last couple of months there have been some changes in my life, that I think have come to stay. I have proudly turned vegetarian. 😀

With this in mind and moved by the need to know how to balance my new diet, I am on a mission to discover all the vegan/ vegetarian spots my city, Athens, has to offer. Starting last week my exploration I, along with friends, came across mama tierra, a little restaurant in the heart of Athens. Continue reading “GOING OUT: Mama Tierra!”

BOOKS: The “one time is not enough” kind of book!

Do you ever face the same problem? Liking a book so much that you could read it in one day, and at the same time not wanting it to end? I’m pretty sure you do! Continue reading “BOOKS: The “one time is not enough” kind of book!”