Budapest – Vienna – Bratislava overview // TRAVEL

Travelling must have been invented to keep us sane. No matter where you go, how long you’re staying, who you’re going to meet, while travelling your needs go back to basic; “What are we going to eat?”, “Which direction should we go?”. You are living day by day, leaving routine and problems behind.

If this summer you are looking for a trip around Europe, that is easy to plan, has lots to see and experience, yet will not cost you a fortune, continue reading this post.

A couple of weeks back, I along with a good friend, hopped on a plane to Budapest our first stop of a trip we spontaneously planned over an afternoon a month ago. What was about to happen in the following 8 days, is what I’d call a good European travelling trifecta.

1st stop: BUDAPEST.


The capital of Hungary, is a rather beautiful and romantic place to visit. Divided in two Buda & Pest by Danube river, long walks and bridge photos are required.IMG_20160628_230919IMG_20160629_182025IMG_20160629_211615

We stayed for 3 nights in a hostel in the very heart of Budapest, as said and we’re more than satisfied to have everything from spas to pubs within an easy reach. IMG_20160629_235507IMG_20160629_112830IMG_20160630_195858

2nd stop: VIENNA.

Now that the trip is over, I can with certainty say that Vienna was my favorite. Not as beautiful as Budapest, more frenetic that Bratislava for sure, but so vibrant and modern that I can picture myself living there in the near future. A long weekend in the capital of Austria, is not enough to experience all that it has to offer.


The white buildings, the parks that want you to postpone whatever it is you’re doing and enjoy them are what I thought was the highlight,IMG_20160701_142726_1IMG_20160701_170859_12CSIMG_20160701_180331

but then I tried these:IMG_20160701_160547IMG_20160702_110437

and my life forever changed! Bare in mind that if you ever visit Vienna it is more likely to come across to a real Pokémon, rather than a kangaroo!!!IMG_20160701_170454

 3rd stop: BRATISLAVA.


Our third and sadly last stop was Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, where we spend a couple of nights as well. Picturesque, but pretty small it is a great getaway for some easy sightseeing while you travel around Europe.DSCN4744IMG_20160704_140216IMG_20160704_190658

As with Budapest, here in Bratislava, the river Danube saves the day! People going up and down by bikes, others having picnics, you can feel the relaxed vibes this city has. Go join them 🙂

Soon there will be detailed posts for each of these destinations and some other travel related ones, inspired by  this trip. Stay tuned.




Author: Aristea

I eat a lot. I travel often. I write about it.

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