RECIPE: Smoothie Bowl #2

Not gonna say much. Just try it! Seriously.

I usually go for my favorite nice-cream recipe for day to day breakfast, because I am familiar to its sweet taste and not feeling like changing it. Most of the times I use different toppings and therefore it looks as if it is something different, but  it’s not. (btw, you can visit my instagram page, it is packed with such breakfast photos!) However, some days ago, I woke up to a perfectly riped mango, so making and orange smoothie was an one way road.IMG_20160514_074332

You will need:

  • a mango
  • two oranges
  • lemon juice from one lemon
  • carrots (they are not in the picture above, because it was 7 am and couldn’t concentrate enough to gather all the ingredients at first place)
  • the inside of an aloe vera leaf

tip: Aloe vera, has no actual taste, but it is the best thing that can happen to you. Use it in smoothies, mix it up with orange juice, or straight on your skin for instant hydration.

Blend all the ingredients together until they are smooth, put your breakfast in a hipster jar & enjoy.IMG_20160514_081226

Good morning 🙂





Author: Aristea

I eat a lot. I travel often. I write about it.

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