DESTINATION: 5 (good) reasons to visit Larnaca.

Let’s say, you are at this point of the year that you are looking of a short (or longer, who am I to tell you should not) pre- summer break. You need an exotic looking getaway, that can be easily accessed by plane, because is it even holidays, if it doesn’t evolve a flight?  Let’s, also, assume you don’t want to spend a fortune, but can not compromise with anything average!

I have a tested, good suggestion for you…
Larnaca, in Cyprus!IMG_20160506_183651

In the south-east of the island of Cyprus is the city of Larnaca. A modern beauty, with a vacation vibe and an exotic feeling. Nothing more to ask. If as my family and I choose to spend and extended weekend there, I suggest you to:

  1. Spend as much time as possible by Finikoudes beach. I have always been a fan of cities that have easy access to crystal clear waters, (maybe you’ve also read about my visit in Kalmata! ) but, the main beach of Larnaca, can amaze even the most demanding traveler.DSCN4368DSCN4367

And it gets even better as the sun starts setting behind the tall hotels at the other side of the road:DSCN4387DSCN4393

Take a loooong (you don’t have another choice, anyway!) walk, until the harbor, by the sea, and don’t forget to have your camera ready, to snap a few pictures of the planes, that constantly come and go!DSCN4411IMG_20160507_193527DSCN4412IMG_20160507_193740IMG_20160507_195158

2. Visit the medieval castle, enjoy the sea views it has to offer, its small, cute garden and get to know a part of the history of the island, through your visit. (entrance fee 2 euros)DSCN4386received_1746998355512664


3. Enjoy local food and don’t forget to try halumi cheese. In both the touristic area and where locals usually hang-out, you can find a variety of restaurants and taverns. A lot of them, have some pretty good and gourmet looking vegetarian options, if you’re at the same boat as me, in food choices. IMG_20160506_121908

4. No visit to Larnaca is complete without an easy afternoon walk around the city.  Walkable, with so many roads for pedestrians only, a nice market with some cool “fair trade”  shops, it can sure keep you busy for many hours.DSCN4415DSCN4347DSCN4352DSCN4395

5. Well, last but for me not least, a great advantage of Larnaca is that the airport is literally so close to  the city that while landing, you can enjoy a quick aerial city tour! At this point of our travel we got to see the salt lakes, that are just outside the city, from above.IMG_20160506_113422

PS. I know I have been quite inactive lately, but since I came back today, there will be another post about Cyprus, later this week!





Author: Aristea

I eat a lot. I travel often. I write about it.

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