TRAVELER’S GUIDE: 10 reasons to explore during connection flights!

…this article could also work as an inspiration for the ones travelling by train, bus or a combination of all means of transport. It aims to urge you to explore, to hop on the tourists’ bus, or to just try a local dish during your short stay in a place that is not your final destination.

  1. Obviously, you get to see a place’s top attraction, since it is probably so well connected to every airport, or station.DSCN4138On my return trip from Rijeka, I was arriving in Milan at 2.00pm and had a flight at 6.30. Roughly, this translates to 3 spare hours in the city center. Despite me being sleepy & not motivated to do anything because my trip was nearly over, I’m happy I did it. Which brings us closer to reason number…


2. It makes you feel that your trip starts earlier, or lasts longer. Which is always a great thing, right?


3.  It inspires you for your next destination, or the place itself becomes your next destination.


4. You undeniably avoid boredom in the best in a million ways.


5. It improves your punctuality skills & helps you being on time.


6.  You get to see a place otherwise you wouldn’t.12038364_1726496994241032_9044199095848072044_n

I never pictured myself visiting Trieste. Or, at least it was not in my top 10 of Italian cities for the next years, but my short walk in its roads, between my train and bus connection was just great!12919690_1726497010907697_5766522577523705744_n

7. It is always preferable reading your book in a park you’ve never been before rather than a dull station.


8. Sometimes it’s all about the people. The ones you get to talk to looking for quick solutions and turn out so polite that make your day.

Just like man I met during the train change in Mestre, Venice. Lino, you’re awesome!DSCN3923

9. You get to try a traditional dish, at the place where it originally comes from!DSCN3735


10. Last but not least, because standing still, changes nothing! (exactly what happens with life!)


Cheers to exploring more,






Author: Aristea

I eat a lot. I travel often. I write about it.

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