JOURNAL: I travel for travel’s sake!

If the circumstances were different, and I wasn’t me, what I did yesterday, wouldn’t have happened. You see, I am now in a town in Croatia called Rijeka, but the way I came here, was a little weird. I was on a strict budget of 170 euros (including my return) and I had to figure out a way to make it.DSCN3926

Long story short (there will be a detailed post, once I’m back), I took a plane on Monday morning from Athens (where I live) to Milan. Landing on Malpensa airport, I took a bus to Milan Central train station. Took a train to Mestre, Venice, changed train there, to one going to Trieste and from Trieste another bus to Rijeka, where I comfortably sit now, enjoying the great views the Croatian coastline has to offer.

And now, you want to ask me, why would I do that. Why would I travel for 12+ hours non-stop hopping from train to bus etc. to go someplace so, so close to me!

Apart from the strict budget I had, that was pretty intriguing to find the cheapest way possible, I love travelling.  I like to travel for travel’s sake. I love to be on constant move. Seriously, I get super excited even when I am off to my hometown!DSCN3914

Imagine me, now, heading to the airport before sunrise, uncertain on whether I would find a plane ticket, pretending to be a real traveler ( I even bought a backpack 😀 ). Picture me, chasing time to catch the right train, not to be late, not to get lost. Oh my, I loved that day!

I do not want to say anything else, other than I feel I learn so many things when I travel. I may have not been to India (yet!), nor Latin America to meet people way different to me, but even this little engagement with the Italians on the train, the Croatians on the bus counts to me. Having to “protect” myself from unobvious hazards, in cities I had never been before counts to me. Travelling to 5 different cities (Athens- Milan – Venice – Trieste- Rijeka), leaving behind me 3 countries (Greece- Italy- Slovenia) to reach the fourth, in less than a day, counts to me.DSCN3923

I did not feel I left behind my comfort zone. I did not feel frustrated. And if you ask me if I would do it again, I couldn’t respond anything else, but obviously yes. And I will. Stay tuned on My Dreams Manifesto, because there will be a lot on the travel section!

At the end of the day, may your feet be dirty, your hair messy & your eyes sparkling,



PS. There are drawbacks in every situation and you can never expect everything to go as planned, it would be silly if you did so!



Author: Aristea

I eat a lot. I travel often. I write about it.

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