Truth is, little to nothing I know about art. Not to mention modern art. I am no expert to what it symbolizes, what it stands for etc. But, I am eager to learn. I like art. Art is fascinating. Just a few words can inspire us for months, can change the way we see the world and our attitude towards other people.

Last summer all these things happened to me when I visited “La Biennale di Venezia 2015” with a friend of mine, as part of our Italian city hopping! It was the first exhibition I’ve ever attended and what really dragged my attention were the art pieces that had quotes written. Inspiring, moving, difficult to pass by with out reading quotes. Here are some of them:


Εικόνα 673

Εικόνα 675

Εικόνα 604Εικόνα 596Εικόνα 634

Εικόνα 650Εικόνα 688Εικόνα 689Εικόνα 695Εικόνα 692Εικόνα 690Εικόνα 691Εικόνα 693

and, I leave you with my all time favorite,,

Εικόνα 630





Author: Aristea

I eat a lot. I travel often. I write about it.

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