The previous couple of days something awesome was going on. AEGEE- Peiraias organized a european event that hosted participants from different regions of Europe to debate over  the debt’s and the refugee crisis’s impact on us, as european citizens, as well as the EU as a whole.


On day 1, we talked about the refugee crisis.

Where do these people come from? What made them flee to Europe from their countries? and even beyond that: What’s the difference among a refugee, a migrant and a forced migrant? Should we treat them differently? At this point, it was time for me to share -for the first time- my volunteer experience on Lesvos. And believe me, words do not come easy. I talked about the huge beach clean ups, the clothing distribution at OXY transit camp and those kids, whose eyes can’t be forgotten. I also tried to sum up how one can help by donating or making the trip. What I found really eye-opening was the workshop we did, with the guidance of the “Democracy in Practice” Project , as we were supposed to step into the shoes of a refugee and tell his story. The most important is the fact that the stories we were given were kind of old, (eg. Lampedusa’s tragedy) and we were reminded that refugees are a never ending story.


On day 2, we welcomed our guest speaker Zoe Konstantopoulou, and talked about the EU’s and Greece’s debt.

zoeWe got an insight to the “Truth Committee On Public Debt” preliminary report and had the chance to hear the former head of the Greek Parliament’s point of view to the current situation. At the end, Aegee’s participants and the rest of the audience asked questions about the financial crisis, and debated on the subject.

It was my very first event/meeting with Aegeeans and I was positively surprised, how 20-somethings can make such arguments and have such important ideas, that could tackle issues, governments from all over the world, seem to turn their backs at.

With the hope actions like this, will take place more often,





Author: Aristea

I eat a lot. I travel often. I write about it. https://mydreamsmanifesto.wordpress.com/

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